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Integrated Gates

Offer a wide range of technology to combine the ease of a gateless operation with the security of a gate arm.

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Digital Scanning Solution

Automate Access to Parking Facilities

Our integrated gate system automates access to parking facilities and keeps track of which cars are allowed to exit by requiring payment to leave. This solution eliminates the need for an employee to staff the gates, saving property owners time and money.

Integrated gates can help to prevent unauthorized exit out of the parking garage, which can protect revenue. They can also be used to control who is allowed to enter, which can be useful for businesses that want to restrict parking of unwanted users.

A car being scanned by plate scanners in front of a parking gate.
A gate opening and allowing the car through the gate.

Oobeo now has technology that will scan a license plate automatically at the gate arm. Upon arrival, it will begin the session. When guests are ready to leave, they just scan the QR code in the garage and pay. Upon exiting, the license plate is scanned again, and the gate arm automatically opens. Whether looking to implement a gateless model or gate arm system, Oobeo’s platform provides property owners the technology for either method.

Have control over who is allowed into the garage.

Protect revenue by only allowing exit after payment is made

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