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Digital Permits

Digital permits eliminate the typically cumbersome onboarding process and the need for key cards or transponders.

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Easily Manageable

Streamline Parking Management with Digital Monthly-Based Permits

Digital monthly permits offer a number of advantages over standard monthly permits. They are more convenient, as they can be easily purchased and managed online, without the need to visit a parking office or deal with physical permits. Additionally, they are more secure, as it is more difficult to counterfeit or lose than traditional permits, which can help to improve security.

Digital parking permits can be tracked, which can help to improve parking enforcement and efficiency.

Some cities and municipalities offer digital parking permits as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Digital parking permits can help to reduce fraud and abuse.

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Easy and Efficient Parking Solutions for Managing Digital Permits

Monthly Permits

Parking garages are a convenient solution for businesses that need parking for their employees, so monthly permits are a must for any parking facility. Monthly permits are tied to a single license plate instead of being a decal or hangtag that can be shared.

Auto-Canceling Unpaid Permits

Instead of spending countless hours calling, texting and emailing permit holders to track down payments, Oobeo can now automatically cancel permits that are still unpaid after a designated date. Notifications will be sent to the permit holder prior to cancellation. Oobeo also is in testing to automatically apply a late fee for permits renewed after their due date.

Get Digital Permit Solutions Today

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