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Valet Service

Creating dynamic parking plans to optimize guest experience and maximize profitability.

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Contactless & Cashless

Transforming Valet For Optimal Efficiency

We’ve created an entirely contactless and cashless valet experience using our digital ticketing platform, Oobeo, combined with hospital-grade sanitation procedures that provide safety and comfort for our clients and their customers. In lieu of paper tickets, guests simply provide their phone number upon arrival and click a text link to retrieve their vehicle and pay. This method greatly reduces wait times and allows for a seamless payment process while also giving businesses the option to add satisfaction surveys or customized marketing messages.

Streamline operations with integrated digital revenue controls.

Enhance guest experiences with convenient digital solutions.

Protect Revenue with optimized parking management strategies.

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Easy and Efficient Parking Solutions for Your Business

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A customer’s first point of contact in their dining experience is usually at the valet stand, and this initial interaction is where Phoenix Parking Solutions finds opportunity and shines. We excel in representing you in a professional manner that leaves clients with a great impression.

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Night Clubs

We offer digital parking solutions that address the biggest parking concerns for restaurant and nightclub owners, such as a shortage of parking spaces, traffic congestion, and lack of safety. Our solutions also optimize the user experience for guests.

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Private Events

We specialize in upscale valet parking services that make an immediate impression on guests. From weddings to charity events to intimate gatherings at private residences, we provide front-door service to any event.

Creating A Custom Solution That Works

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Off-Site Employees

As it relates to the daily operation of each property, Phoenix Parking provides all clients and on-site staff with a set Manager on Duty Schedule. At any given time, 24/7/365, Phoenix Parking has one Primary and one Secondary Manager on Duty available.

On-Site Employees

On-site employees are the daily, in-person representatives of Phoenix Parking. We put great trust in our on-site managers and employees to maintain the relationships built at the corporate level.

*A staffing schedule of all on – site employees will be created by Phoenix Parking and presented for approval by tenant Management each week (if requested)

Prior to the commencement of valet operations, a Phoenix Parking representative will thoroughly inspect the property and formulate a custom valet solution to present to the client. This should include an initial draft of the Operating Manual, a staffing model for the property, and any other items required to grant the client a clear understanding of the valet process.

Should the property be inaccessible or underdevelopment, we may request blueprints or other means of accessing information relevant to forming a plan of action. This solution will take into account the scope of the project as well as the nature of the parking situation so as to take the greatest possible advantage of Phoenix Parking’s proprietary operational capabilities

Primary MOD
Serves as the primary point of contact for on-site staff and non-corporate level clients; monitors clock-ins, ensures proper level of staff, and provides general support when necessary. Further, a Primary MoD is in the field six days per week conducting performance audits and ensuring on-site staff exceeds the expectations of our clients and their guests.
Secondary MOD
Serves as the secondary point of contact for on-site staff and non-corporate level clients when the Primary MoD is otherwise occupied or needs support.
Lot Lead
The Lot Lead is expected to manage all operations and support staff working at a facility. This position will spearhead the initial development and implementation of the new parking projects at the facility and to ensure company and client objectives are met. Additionally, each Lot Lead reports directly to the off-site Manager(s) on Duty to keep them informed of the situation at their location.
The valet’s duties are to efficiently process parking transactions, while providing a high level of customer service. They will be the operational mechanisms of the facility. The valets must maintain an accurate control of tickets and cash while following all assigned operation procedures.
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OOBEO Integration Benefits

Oobeo’s primary function as it pertains to valet parking is in eliminating traditional paper tickets for digital SMS tickets. Upon arrival, a guest needs to simply provide the valet attendant their phone number, at which point they will receive a text message with a link that allows them to request their vehicle, pay via credit, and leave reviews, amongst other things. No app, no paper ticket required. Pay via credit card, or digital wallet and leave.


Eco-Friendly: Eliminates thousands of pounds of paper waste.


- Personalizes Service by logging guests name
- No ticket to keep track of or misplace
- Request your vehicle in advance and reduce wait time
- Cashless tip option
- Leave feedback if you’d like – out of 5 stars or comment


- Customize your SMS! Inform guest of a special or welcome them in!
- Text can also display your logo!
- Operate a cashless restaurant? Let the parking match!
- Get invaluable feedback through reviews
- Helps the valet Operator monitor more efficiently so you can focus on doing your own job

Property Owner

- Value add to Tenants
- Revenue Control
- Automated Audit System
- Reduce ticket trash across your property

Valet Operator

- Monitor volume in real-time
- Gauge employee performance with hard data
- Eliminate hassle of ticket order, inventory, and distribution
- Know exactly who greeted, parked, and pulled a car, and when
- Electronic disclaimer protects against fraud


- Never miss out on a potential tip due to lack of cash
- Stay organized without all the paper
- Doing great work? Your boss can tell!
- Use app to track down a misplaced key

Discover Our Valet Solutions

At Phoenix Parking Solutions, we offer a wide range of parking management services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our solutions are designed to optimize the guest experience while maximizing profitability through digital revenue controls. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.