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Parking Management

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Streamline Your Parking Operations

Phoenix Parking Solutions employs a wide range of innovative, technology-driven management solutions to ensure a positive parking experience and optimize space utilization. Our digital platforms can accommodate any combination of parking services and work in tandem to create a more inviting space for guests and tenants while also reducing costs, maximizing occupancy and enhancing revenue controls. Each type of facility has unique requirements, and Phoenix knows how to address these needs in a customized manner.

A mixed use area with shops and apartments.
High rise office buildings

Office Buildings

For office buildings, we implement access control systems using RFID cards or license plate recognition to manage entry and exit for tenants and employees. We also offer digital payment and validation technology to provide a better overall experience for guests and employees alike.

A modern residential apartment building with a nice glow from the sun setting.


LPR technology gives residents access without key fobs or transponders. Plate numbers can easily be removed from the system if a resident doesn’t pay for their monthly permit or if a lease is broken. LPR-integrated platforms streamline operations for both the leasing team and residents.

Residential and mixed use buildings with shopping and condos.

Retail and Mixed Use

We work with owners of private and public mixed-use facilities to upgrade aesthetics, accessibility and revenue collection. We also provide a network of repair and maintenance contractors, site planning, signage improvements, access kiosks and, of course, digital payment technologies.

A hospital displaying a large "H" at the top.

Health Care

Our parking management solutions for healthcare facilities include designated areas for patients and visitors, emergency drop-off areas that give ambulances easy access, parking guidance systems to efficiently direct patients and visitors to available spaces and surveillance cameras to enhance safety.

Steps of a court house with two people talking to each other on the steps.


In municipal areas, we often manage both permit-based parking for residents and on-street parking as well as develop plans for event parking. Parking enforcement is essential, and we also recommend utilizing data analytics to monitor patterns and optimize space utilization.

Overhead shot of a large school campus.


We implement permit systems for students and faculty in designated parking areas while also integrating solutions for short-term visitor parking, secure bicycle parking and parking guidance systems on college campuses.

The parking area of an airport with terminal signs.


We manage parking spaces for short-term and long-term travelers, including valet services for enhanced convenience and implementing license plate recognition for seamless entry and exit in terminal parking lots.

Customized Solutions for Parking Management

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