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Customized Parking Solutions

Discover our innovative parking services and state-of-the-art technology for hassle-free parking experiences.

No Apps / No Downloads

Parkers Seek Swift, Hassle-Free Payment Options

Payments Accepted : Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, Credit Card Scan and ACH for permit payments from businesses to individual permit holders.

Customizable Percentage-Based Convenience Fees

Many platforms pass along the cost of operations in the form of processing fees, but they are flat no matter the size of the transaction. Phoenix Parking Solutions allows for those fees to be based on a percentage adjustable by location, making it easier to cover the costs of merchant and software fees.

Customizable Interface Based Upon Client Needs

Oobeo allows customization of the text-to-park interface. This allows us to tailor each location to fit the customers’ or clients’ potential needs. Text can be set on the initial landing page that can be used to relay important information to parkers. This can range from informing them that retailers validate, to relevant information about the garage.​​

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Find Perfect Parking Spot with Ease

Text to Park

Just send a text to reserve your spot, pay, and get instant confirmation. No more circling for spaces or dealing with meters. It's the convenient solution for stress-free city parking.

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Gateless Parking Solutions Await

Going Gateless

No more barriers or tickets. Just seamless entry and exit using advanced technology. Say goodbye to waiting in lines and hello to a smoother parking experience.

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Smart, Secure, Convenient

Integrated Gates

Integrated gated parking systems provide enhanced security by ensuring that only authorized vehicles can exit, giving peace of mind to property owners and visitors alike.

A mixed use area with shops and apartments.
Streamline Parking with Digital Permits

Digital Permits

Digital parking permits simplify management. Instant issuance, easy renewal, and reduced paperwork make it a hassle-free solution for both authorities and permit holders.

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Easy Parking Validation


Easily validate parking digitally, saving time and reducing errors. Enhance customer satisfaction and optimize parking management with this modern solution.

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Navigate Seamlessly Way Finding

Way Finding

Navigate effortlessly with our wayfinding app. Find your destination with ease using intuitive maps and directions. Your path to convenience starts here.

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Enhanced Revenue Protection Efforts

Revenue Protection

Enhance revenue protection strategies effectively. Mitigate risks, reduce losses, and safeguard assets with our comprehensive solutions.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say


We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, earning consistently high praise from those who have experienced our top-quality service.

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Effortless Parking with Digital Valet

Digital Valet

Experience the future with digital valet services. Effortlessly drop off and retrieve your vehicle seamlessly without an app, revolutionizing convenience in urban parking.

Customized Solutions for Parking Management

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