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Are you looking to sell your surface or garage parking asset? Reach out to us today to see if there may be an opportunity with Phoenix Parking Solutions.

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Our Parking Asset Investment Strategy

PPS is partnered with a private equity firm that acquires, improves, and holds parking assets. We are targeting an average deal size of $8M. However, we will consider smaller deals (~$2M) if they meet our other criteria. Our focus is parking assets in primary and secondary markets, but are open to territories where there are still sufficient demand drivers. Additionally, we are interested in parking assets located in smaller towns that have a lot of tourism, such as beach towns.

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Key Criteria for Investment-Worthy Properties

Properties must be currently income producing enough to support a sale.  Have a min cap of 5.5 but with a preferable stabilized yield of 8%+ , as well as, have multiple demand drivers for the particular lot/garage. Examples of demand drivers that we look for include:

Stadiums & Theaters

Court Houses & Offices

Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities & Venues

Explore Acquisition Options With Us

We are a reputable and experienced buyer of parking assets. We have a proven track record of success, and we are committed to closing deals quickly and efficiently. If you have a parking asset that meets our criteria, please contact us to discuss a potential sale.